In 2006 the council of Impruneta organized a design competition for the redevelopment of ‘piazza Buondelmonti’.

The simplicity and austerity of the old parish market place, was only framed in the 1600s by the open galleries thus defining its urban character, which still remains a distinctive feature of this space.

the project’s starting point was the images of a river bed, an open hand, a space which welcomes and protects, a dense void  built  through the rediscovered creations within its’ boarders.

The artist had no wish of imposing on this space any excessive ideas, colors or plastic elements.

So the idea emerges of a simple terracotta mosaic carpet, accentuating the sloping design through the redevelopment of a concave shape of the ground.

The graphic idea of the terracotta carpet built like a mosaic patient of the community, using small tiles as metaphoric traces of an ancient symbolic memory of Impruneta, alludes to a more deep-rooted and profound nature of ‘building in terracotta’.

The town builds the town.

design team guido canali (team leader)
mimma caldarola
claudio parmiggiani (artist)
collaboration franco del sole
sara gelibter
moreno pivetti
committenza impruneta council
design classified 1st